LL&P and The Lowell Rotary Club Start a Holiday Lighting Competition for LL&P Customers

Lowell Light & Power and the The Lowell Rotary Club have started a Holiday Lighting Competition for customers of LL&P. Please click on the photo below to find out more information.

Harvest Celebration 2019

Lowell Light & Power would like to thank everyone that came to the fairgrounds and stopped by our table and watched our linemen in action at the Harvest Celebration this year. Check out the photos below to view the fun festivities.

LL&P Celebrates Public Power Week October 6th-12th

Lowell Light & Power is celebrating Public Power week from October 6th until October 12th. Be sure to stop in our office for giveaway, treats and more! Check out our Facebook page, and enter our daily trivia contest. Click the image below to view more details on our in office activities. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

LL&P Employee Receives Recognition from the APPA

Tom Russo, who retired from Lowell Light & Power in 2016, now works part time in our generation facility. During his time here, he served on the Reliable Public Power (RP3) Provider Program’s Review Panel from 2013 to 2019. Tom was recognized by the American Public Power Association for his service.
His plaque reads:

Tom Russo
WHEREAS, Tom Russo has served as the small System Representative on the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) Program’s Review Panel from 2013 through 2019 (6 years); and
WHEREAS, he has provided exceptional insight into the needs of public power systems during discussions of RP3 applications, as well as making important contributions to RP3 program policy decisions during his tenure; and
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: The panel members of the RP3 program of the American Public Power Association express sincere appreciation to Tom Russo for his service, dedication, and loyalty; as well as for the devotion he has exhibited in carrying out the functions and responsibilities required in his position as a RP3 panel member.
Adopted this 31st day of March 2019.

In honor of Tom, his commitment to Lowell Light & Power, public power, and the RP3 Panel, the Lowell Light & Power Board also adopted this Resolution for their official record and historical meeting minutes at their August 14, 2019 board meeting.

For more about the RP3 program, click here.


Appliance Recycling Program at LL&P

Click on the image below to view details on LL&P’s recycling program. Please call our office or email smorris@lowell-light.org to schedule a pick up today!

Executive Director of the Michigan Municipal Electric Association Visits LL&P

On Wednesday, April 24th, Katie Abraham, the newly appointed executive director of the Michigan Municipal Electric Association (MMEA), stopped by the LL&P office to visit with staff members. The MMEA is Michigan’s trade group for electric municipalities and offers different services including legal assistance, semi-annual conferences, education seminars with training, and communication services. LL&P is one of 40 member municipalities within the MMEA, and staff was very appreciative that Katie was able to visit the office.

Regulator Station Update

The new regulator station for long term natural gas supply was successfully installed in December of 2018, now allowing LL&P to run the combustion turbines with no restrictions. With the new station in place, and a portion of the building removed, LL&P will also be installing a chain-lined privacy fence around the structure on the south side of the building. The new fence should be set up within the next month!

Road Closures Near LL&P-Update

The lane re-configuration at Main Street (M-21) at Broadway was scheduled to be done by today, Thursday Oct. 25. However, unanticipated delays now mean work will continue during Friday, Oct. 26, with work starting up again at 8 a.m. Monday Oct. 29 with completion expected by the afternoon of Oct. 30. No weekend work is anticipated.

Road Closures Near LL&P

Lately, you may have noticed some road construction down Riverside Dr. near the LL&P office. Please see the attachment below to view when and where the road closures will occur. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


Lowell Light & Power Celebrates Public Power Week!

LL&P is excited to celebrate Public Power Week with the community of Lowell from October 7th-October 13th. Stop by our office all week long for our LED Nightlight Giveaway as well as free cider, donuts, popcorn and balloons. Receive a free gift when you round up your monthly bill or donate $5 towards the A PLUS fund. For the conclusion of Public Power Week, stop by our office for Lowell’s Annual Harvest Celebration. LL&P will be providing free hot dogs, chips and a beverage! You can also ride our energy bike and play a game of cornhole. For more information about Public Power Week, please visit www.publicpower.org.